About us

Colmena Lab

Colmena Lab is a social innovation and communication laboratory. We seek to generate value for companies, society and the world through the implementation of communication strategies that empower ideas that will change the world.


We are experts in strategic communication, public relations, social media and digital marketing, focused on social change and environmental responsibility.

We have worked in a wide range of projects on a local, national, regional and global level in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Africa.



To work with people, organizations and companies that are trying to build a fairer, equitable, and diverse world in balance with the environment, through our experience in communication and social innovation.

To become a Latin American leader in the application of communication and digital technologies as a strategy for social innovation, environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Our values

We are defined by disruptive and innovative thinking. We are motivated by social change, environmental conservation and ethical commitment. Hence we promote:


Social innovation and commitment

to the environment and society through  positive initiatives.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

of different genders, cultures and ideologies, without discrimination.


We encourage collaboration as a way to co-create and find solutions.


We promote different projects ans solutions that will contribute to the common good.

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To build a world in harmony between human beings and nature, we believe in a balance of giving and receiving, fair trade, a solidarity-based economy and the development of sustainable models.

Creativity and innovation

in the search of solutions that generate positive impacts.

Ethics and transparency

which build relationships based on trust, respect and truthfulness.


We encourage learning from experience, both within our team, and in the projects of our partners.


We support the protection and preservation of the environment through by encouraging the rational use of resources, production as well as a responsible production and consumption.