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RANDI RANDI is one of the ruling values from the indigenous peoples' worldview.


It refers to the balance between giving, receiving and building relationships based on correspondence and complementarity to live with harmony between human beings and nature.


This value based on economic principles and last generation technology is integrated in order to provide a service that makes a real impact but it also becomes self-sustaining.


RANDI RANDI is a barter and merchandising platform that connects entrepreneurs, small-scale producers, agroecological farms, artisanal producers, producers associations with people in need of their products.


It will encourage monetary and non monetary transactions through georeference technology.


All barter and merchandising, sending and receiving procedures can be done without leaving home, from a computer or a mobile device.

We are defined by disruptive and innovative thinking. We are motivated by social change, environmental conservation and ethical commitment. Hence we promote:


Why is RANDI RANDI needed?

We live in a changing world in which the ways of interacting, building a community, working, generating income or acquiring goods are shifting.

Scenarios such as the COVID19’s pandemic or climate change compel us to search for new surviving strategies based on solidarity, shared responsibility, ethics and harmony with the environment.



  • Boost of the local economy.

  • Strengthen different types of exchange.

  • Provides decent livelihood alternatives to people.

  • An escape to the global economic crisis.


  • Strengthen the social networks.

  • Contributes to the worldwide goal of Zero Hunger.


  • Encourages the responsible production and consumption

  • Preservation of healthy ecosystems

  • Preservation of native species.

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Social Innovation and Communication Lab